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The Business Case Handbook for Diabetes Self Management

Building the Business Case for Diabetes Self Management: A Handbook for Program Managers

This handbook was conceived to meet the need to assemble in one place the rationale, methods and tools for building a business case for self management of diabetes.

  • Chapter 1
    Provides the rationale for establishing a business case for implementing quality-enhancing interventions in diabetes, discusses procedural steps and methodological issues that must be addressed in developing a business case, and suggests conditions that should be met for an organization to embark on a successful business case analysis.
  • Chapter 2
    Addresses the nonfinancial business case in greater depth. It introduces an expanded framework for the business case, taking into account other perspectives such as those of customers, communities and regulators.
  • Chapter 3
    Presents the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet templates for computing the return on investment for quality-enhancing interventions  in a variety of settings. [Download Templates] [Download Sample] (note: you will need to maximize the Excel® viewing window in order to see the available tabs)
  • Chapter 4
    Provides a brief review of the evidence of the cost-effectiveness of self-management support in diabetes. The handbook ends with a bibliography that expands on the chapter references. [Download handbook]

Click here to download a 45 minute audiovisual presentation of The Business Case Handbook (note: this is a large file and may take a few minutes to download)

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